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    International interdisciplinary days of Grenoble Alpes - From 3 to 6 June 2019

    The Global Challenges Science Week 2019 is a major event gathering more than 600 French and international scientists, PhD students, experts as well as public and private stakeholders.
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Symer | Univ. Grenoble Alpes

A systems approach to new paradigms in metabolic and epigenetic regulation
Understanding how environment and lifestyle can affect metabolism and thus reprogram  a  person’s  genetic  heritage  by  epigenetic  changes  for  potential  transmission across generations

Cellular  metabolism  reflects  not  only  our  genetic  disposition,  but  also  our  lifestyle  and  environmental  exposures, including  the  presence  of  noxious  substances  like  endocrine  disruptors.  SYMER  mobilizes  an  international  and  interdisciplinary  consortium  within  a  systems  biology  approach  to  analyze  altered  metabolic  profiles,  and  how  they  can  leave  an  imprint  on  our  genes  in  form  of  potentially  inheritable  epigenetic  changes.  These  changes  are  suspected to fuel the rising threat of chronic diseases across generations.