NME 2019

NME2019 is the 11th international conference in a row dedicated to evolution, structure, mechanisms, (patho)physiology and clinical aspects of the NME gene family (NDP kinase, NM23 and AWD genes and proteins). Research over the last decades revealed exciting multi-facetted roles of NME proteins in cellular pathophysiology and some of the underlying molecular mechanisms.
NME 2019

Beginning from a simple nucleoside diphosphate kinase (NDPK) enzymatic activity, the field faces today the complexity of ten different isoforms, all having specific features and often alternative, additional functions. The roles of these different isoforms undoubtedly require specific targeting and location within the cell, as well as interaction with a variety of partners. It is fascinating to observe how NME proteins regulate complex and different cellular events, including development, membrane remodeling, and metastasis dissemination. The mechanisms underlying these biological functions are now emerging from a body of working models, slowly but steadily validated by experimental studies in different model organisms. These mechanisms are as diverse as e.g. nucleotide channeling, lipid signaling, or protein histidine phosphorylation. Further progress by biochemical, developmental, and molecular studies, and finally animal models will undoubtedly further disentangle and validate NME functions in human health and disease. This will pave the way for emerging NME-targeted diagnostics and therapies.

NME2019 will address the entire diversity of current NME research and allow first-hand insight into recent progress in the field. The renovated, ancient Abbey of Talloires will provide a unique, relaxing and spiritual environment for productive discussions during the four-day conference. We cordially invite you to join this major event in the heart of the French Alps.
Uwe Schlattner (Univ. Grenoble Alpes & Inserm) and Mathieu Boissan (Sorbonne Universités & Inserm)
The conference will be held in the lovely village of Talloires at the waterfront of lake Annecy, internationally renowned for its beautiful harmonious landscape. The renovated, ancient Abbey of Talloires will host the entire conference.

Scientific program
Our effort will be to provide a platform to all NME-related topics, and to allow if possible all participating groups an oral presentation. There will be an additional opportunity to present posters during a session on Monday evening. Each session will showcase to main speakers (30 min) and two short talks (15 min).

Registration & abstracts
Every registration requires payment of the conference fee. This fee covers the entire stay in Talloires. Preferential rates apply for early bird registration before June 30. Abstracts can be submitted at the same time or later until August 31.

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