Scientific program

Our effort will be to provide a platform to all NME-related topics, and to allow if possible all participating groups an oral presentation. There will be an additional opportunity to present posters during a session on Monday evening. Each session will showcase to main speakers (30 min) and two short talks (15 min).





Confirmed speakers

Mathieu BOISSAN (Paris, France)

Thomas WIELAND (Heidelberg, Germany)

Chris BUNCE (Birmingham, UK)

Zee-Fen CHANG (Taipei, Taiwan)

Shantanu CHOWDHURY (New Delhi, India)

Florence NIEDERGANG (Paris, France)
Uwe SCHLATTNER (Grenoble, France)

Aleksandra SKIRYCZ (Potsdam, Germany)

Philippe CHAVRIER (Paris, France)

Yukio FUJIKI (Fukuoka, Japan)

Valerian KAGAN (Pittsburgh, USA)
Farat KHANIM (Birmingham, UK)

Krisztina TAKACS-VELLAI (Budapest, Hungary)

Jean-Claude MARTINOU (Geneva, CH)

Maja HERAK BOSNAR (Zagreb, Croatia)

Massimo ZOLLO (Naples, Italy)